Brand New Blog

So...apparently the whole whole is doing this 'blogging' thing except me!
Thought I'd jump in and give it a try. Woohoo!
Deep things on my mind at this moment:
1.the grocery shopping is done for another week (hurray) and while doing the above, I discovered BRAND NEW cherry flavored M & M's. Loving them. I broke open the package at the check-out and shared with all of the cashiers and bagging help. It was a sweet moment. (hah!)
2. My six-year-old rode her bike without training wheels yesterday. Why does my mind automatically go into fast forward - in just ten years she'll be driving a car?!! She started off on the grass and with a few wobbily runs with her middle age momma holding on to the back of the seat, she was ready to go. 'Don't let go, mommy, don't let go', she squealed as I panted to keep up while running in a half/crouched position. So, I did what all good parents do at these life-changing moments. I let go and she rode off without me, sure that I was still holding on. 'Mommy, I'm doing it, I'm doing it !', she shrieked. Ride on, baby.
Cherry M&Ms and riding without training wheels. Life's simple pleasures.


Kids Flip Flops said…
It makes me extremely sad to see aisles filled floor to ceiling with Flip-flops at the mall. Is anybody else out there concerned about our children? The ONLY thing I see on most kids feet is a dang flip-flop! Come on parents – take care of your kids and make them wear something better so they can grow up with good health! There is no reason for the shoe companies and foot-care specialists to get richer treating completely avoidable problems – if your feet are strong, fit, flexible, AND you’re not wearing flip-flops!
plumbing said…
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