Flat tires and chocolate squares

So there we were, single mom and two girls, stranded after church with a big fat flat tire on the minivan, hungry, late for a birthday party and wondering what to do next. Along came Royce to the rescue (the man has a huge Cadillac with a trunk full of stuff to handle any crises from flat tire to removal of your appendix). He fired up his trusty plug in air compressor and filled us up right there in the church parking lot. Blowing kisses and waving thanks we raced to Wal-Mart, dumped the van at the Auto center and ran in to buy the birthday gift for above mentioned party. We were still late and definitely still hungry. Trying to stay ahead of the stress I suggested playing the thankful game as we headed to the checkout. OK girls, waht can we find to be thankful about in this situation. Kelsey (age 13) went first. 'Well, Mr. Royce was right there and at least our car wasn't stranded beside the road somewhere'. Audrey (6) - 'I found some crackers in the backseat to eat while we wait' (she is always hungry) . Me - well, we made it to Wal-mart and have the money to get the car fixed and buy this birthday gift. Thank you Lord for providing for us.' As we turned the corner by cosmetics, a sweet lady stopped us: 'Excuse me, would you girls like some chocolate?' I did a double take. Yep, it was true. She was wearing her Walmart blue smock, giving out sample squares of Ghiridelli chocolates right there in front of the pharmacy. (Did I mention we were hungry?) How cool is that! Felt like a tender kiss on the cheek from my sweet Jesus. The moral of the story? Stuff does happen - bad stuff, frustrating stuff, impossible to believe stuff. But if we can somehow choose to look to Him, the maker of all things, He is ready, willing and able to show himself right in the midst of the days drama..and to give you some chocolate right when you need it most!