F.O.D.Sweeps and the 'Ten Second Tidy'

We have a thing in our house called the 10 second tidy - apparently that phrase is from one of my daughter's old favorites 'The Big Comfy Couch', a kids show about clowns that is only slightly annoying to moms :) . The premise of the 10 second tidy is this: Mom was going crazy with the living room clutter from the day (it's called a living room for a reason!) , you know the stuff I mean; shoes and pony tail holders and drinking cups and markers and DS chargers and one sock? and a Barbie dress and a stack of books balanced precariously on the side table. All of which is a a pretty discouraging sight to greet you first thing in the AM. So in order to avoid one more Mommy morning meltdown, our pre-bedtime routine now includes the 10 Second tidy - close it, put it where it belongs, throw it away, and so on. While tidying last week, I was reminded of a thing called the FOD sweep that they used to do on my hubby's aircraft carrier. Since planes land and take off on the runway of the ship, it has to be spotless. So before flight operations, 50 sailors would stand shoulder to shoulder and walk the length of the deck, lookng down all the while. Anything on the deck and to be removed - paper clip, styrofoam cup, pen lid.
Even a tiny piece of paper could get sucked up into the jet engines and cause a problem. They call this a FOD sweep which stands to foreign object debris. So..back to the landing deck of my living room. Our 10 second tidy is basically a FOD sweep from the drama of the day. And allows us to start the morning fresh and uncluttered.
Last night, I had to do a FOD sweep and 10 Second tidy on my heart. Unkind words from a friend had cut me to the core- I had littered my heart with the debris of ugly thoughts and my personal pity party had left a lot of party trash lying around. I needed a specific time of walking around my heart and asking the Lord to forgive me and to help me pick up the ugly and replace it with His thoughts. Otherwise all that debris could definitely get sucked up into my tomorrow and cause unecessary of damage to those around me. Clean house, clean heart - two of my favorite things- woohoo!
Psalm 19:12, 14 'How can I know the sins lurking in my heart? Cleanse me from these hidden faults. My the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be pleasing to you, O Lord my Rock and my Redeemer.'


papasgigglebox said…
Hi Danita! This is Amanda from She Speaks.. (the girl you kept running into) I love the picture you paint in this entry, and I can so relate. You are a great writer with a very important message. Keep writing!!!! I look forward to reading lots more. Have a great day.
Dawn said…
Lovely post. I'll try to remember that FOD and 10 second sweep (both internally and externally).