Be Still ... and Know

My kids are back in school- 8th and 2nd grade. Most asked question: “Sooo… what are you doing now that the kids are in school (that question is usually right on the heels of ‘soooo, are you dating yet?) And the answer to #1 is I am in a holding pattern – kind of a seek and find wait and see mode. All of the possibilities – bible study, volunteering, subbing, a new freelance gig – have been shut down. And, apparently I am learning to sit and be quiet and wait. Not dive feverishly into a bible study, not gather with close friends to prayer over life’s concerns, Not to keep busy on ‘busyness’. Not even to pour out my own stuff at his feet. But to ‘be still and know’. Become a human ‘be-ing’ instead of a doer. Now, to hammer this point home, I received the same verse in an online bible study, from a good friend, from a relative and on a plaque as a gift. It would appear that this is a lesson that needs learning. BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD.
Be Still - stop working, stop striving, stop playing Wac-A-Mole with all of life's demands. This is VERY hard for my sanguine type A self.
I am also learning to curb my cell phone/internet dependency issues. Augghhh! It is so easy to pick up the phone while driving. To find someone to react with you over an injustice or a concern or a situation. I am learning to just be quiet, sometimes to even turn off good Christian radio to just be quiet in those times of driving. Being a huge visual and somewhat dramatic…I even added a new contact to my cell phone directory. There between Jenny and Julie I put in ‘Jesus’. Yep, right there in black and white, Jesus appears in my contacts. I have even held the phone up to my ear as I poured out my heart to him while driving, a tangible evidence of the fact that He is always available and hears me when I call. I love that about Him!
Faith-fully being still…