Just look at the ones that are lit!

One of the best inventions EVER is the pre-lit Christmas tree. Three poles inserted into each other, three plugs to put together and 'ta-da', you have instant, perfectly symmetrical white light Christmas glory! This is enough to make the angels sing... no more arranging lights and poofing branches to make it look even. (can you tell that this girl is a bit of a Christmas light perfectionist?)
Anyway, there we were, my two girls and I, the day after Thanksgiving, putting up the tree. Three poles inserted. Check. Three plugs put together. Check. Ta-Da? Nope. Not even close. More like, 'oh, no!'. There in the lower center of our white light perfection were four dark rebellious branches. We jiggled them. We tested bulbs. Nothing. I was bummed. I was frustrated. I just wanted a moment of Christmas perfection. My thirteen year old stood back from the tree and squinted, tilting her head. 'Hey, Mom', she said. 'I know...don't look at the dark branches, just look at the ones that are lit.' So I did. Wow. When I concentrated on the lights, I didn't even notice the area of darkness. Great Christmas tree advice- but even better advice for life. Look to the lights in your life instead of the things that are dark right now. We all have 'dark' stuff. Things that we just can't fix. But there are almost always more things that are bright and can be counted as blessings. My dark branches are widowhood, family health stuff and financial challenges. If I stare at them, it can be overwhelming. But shining bright are God's amazing faithfulness, the love of my family and great friends. Flavored coffee, fluffy pillows and chocolate chip cookies...and the list goes on and on...
Have you looked at your bright lights today?


Tracey Metzger said…
You rock my world. I LOVE this analogy... out of the mouths of babes. Suzanne gave me your blogspot - I'll be a frequent visitor...Write on dear friend!!
Lots of Love,
Tracey xxx
Nicole Hoekstra said…
Danita, I LOVE your blog! Tracey Metzger told me about it, and I would love to add your blog to my website, www.Family-Glue.com. Would that be ok? I think you would fit perfectly under GOD on my TIPS page!

Nicole :-)