If you give a mom a minute...

You know that kids book  'If you Give a Mouse a Cookie'? My morning
felt an awful lot like that......

If you give a mom a minute,
She’s going to sit down and make a list of things she needs to do,
If she sits down at the kitchen table to make a list,
She’ll see the cereal bowls from breakfast and put them in the sink.
When she puts them in the sink,
She’ll notice that someone left the milk out and will put it back in the fridge
When she opens the fridge,
She’ll see a card from the dentist stuck on the door,
When she reads the card,
She’ll look over at the calendar and realize the appt. is TODAY!!!
She’ll pick up the phone to call the dentist to tell them she forgot and needs to re-schedule b/c her child has piano lessons today.
When she picks up the phone to call, the handset will feel all sticky and she will need to get some paper towels and disinfectant cleaner to clean it off (it feels like peanut butter!)
When she goes to the laundry room to get the cleaner,
She’ll see the washer is full of clothes that she washed last night and forgot to put in the dryer.  (then she will have to sniff them to check if they are mildewyish- yea, they’re not!)
She’ll start to put the load in the dryer and realize there are already clothes in the dryer.
She will get the clothes out of the dryer and toss them on the bed to fold.
Just as she starts folding the clothes, the phone will ring.
She’ll walk all around the house before finding the phone…in the teenager’s bedroom.
The ringing phone has stopped, and she’ll walk into the kitchen to return it to its cradle.
On the way there, she’ll notice the dog hasn’t been fed. 
She’ll feed the dog, return the phone to the cradle and stand in the kitchen.
‘Why did I come in here,?’  she’ll wonder.  
She’ll see the laptop on the counter…and sit down to check e-mail, just for a minute!
One hour later, she will pry herself away from Facebook, finish folding laundry, start the dishwasher, and race out the door…because she only has a minute to get to work!


Unknown said…
This is great..and so true.
Anonymous said…
Every mom knows the truth has been spoken here! Thanks for the laugh. Now to remember what I came to my office for...
Anonymous said…
I am getting great information from you and my cousin Kimmy. I am trying to learn your lessons and how to beleave again

Anonymous said…
This too is my day