Princess preparation :)

Ok – I get it.  Everywhere I turn, everyone I talk to, there is a theme…running!  My good friends, Chip and Marna, just completed the Disney Marathon and Half-Marathon in record freezing temperatures.  Woohoo to them! My forever friend, Kimmy, is training to run the Honolulu Marathon. Keep in mind – she is a recent widow, breast cancer survivor, and would rather be on the couch washing her Slim Jims down with Coca Cola. ( Her blog is signed ‘gotta run’-check it out on my bloglinks.)   I open my Bible and what verse  jumps out?  ‘Run the race with joy;!   Open my favorite devotional and what’s it about?  The obstacles we face in persevering in our faith race.  I get it, I get it, Lord.  It’s time to lace up my shoes and get out there.  For discipline.  For solitude.  Because I can.
So, I am officially a ‘princess in training’.  LOL. I signed up to run the Disney Princess 5k (a girl has to start somewhere!) in March.  Went out Monday morning in frigid Florida to get started.  Walk a minute, jog 90 seconds, walk a minute, jog 90 seconds.  Hey, I can do this! 10 minutes later my side aches, my feet hurt and my breath comes in ragged gasps. (Apparently you shouldn’t go from Christmas cookies to race training with no middle ground.)  But I will continue on, one step at a time.  Persevering through the pain.  Avoiding the dog poop.  Knowing He is with me, just like life.


Kimmy Barraco said…
I love that we are both answering His call to run!! :) As you press on, feel me cheering from across the ocean...panting along side of you!
Kimmy xox
Anonymous said…
Be encouraged my encouraging friend! He does knit us all together so nicely so that we CAN run our races, and be confident that He sill provides the "sag wagon" of family and friends to be there when we are out of breath. You are a fresh breath to me, always!
jules said…
that was me, Julie, didn't know how to post my name with it. :o)