I spoke on Freedom this weekend at the Awaken women’s conference,
freedom in living outside the boxes life has placed around you. 
Freedom to live the life God designed us to live. 
Spent the week feeling anything but free, as I filled out tax forms. 
And checked that ugly 'box' marked widow once again. 
But still knowing that He wants us to walk in His freedom. 
Forgot my place in my notes, 
misplaced the bookmarks I had made for the ladies 
and had to use an upside down trash can for a podium.  
Found later I had a bit of lipstick on my teeth. 

Sigh.  Will the humbling never end ????
I just have to giggle.  

Driving home that night the accuser climbed up onto my shoulder and settled in for a chat.
" really think they got it?  you shouldnt' have should have said...of course you know you
were nowhere near as effective as ..... and what about ??? that was ridiculous!!!....she had such a better word than
yours...and more clever stories to go along with it....what in the world to you
think you were doing speaking on freedom?....and on....and on and on....."

And I am struck again by the poisonous 'after-words' of afterwards... 
After God speaks to us, the enemy just never gives up trying to take away our treasure.  
So if I am feeling this, I'm pretty sure at least some of our 250 ladies are feeling a little bit of the same, and he is busy whispering to the rest of God's girls as well.  
Spent the ride home praying for my sisters and in the intercession there was release.
“ …and they overcame the accuser by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony”  Rev 12:11   

He is victorious. And in that, we are FREE. 
Free to accept His life changing love.
Free to tell somebody else.
And in the telling…we overcome.
What a great plan!