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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Family Tree

It was a simple 2nd grade project.  Fill out your family tree and put pictures on the branches of all of your family members.  Audrey worked at the kitchen bar while I finished the dishes.  And  then.... ‘Mommy?’...  What baby?...‘Mommy, we sure do have a lot of dead people on our family tree.   My world shifted.  And the dishes/homework/bedtime express came to a screeching halt.  How do you respond to a comment like that?  Because her words were painfully true.  Her daddy died 6 years ago when she was two.  Her Mimi went to heaven last June.     And her family tree is looking a little sparse.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Just Do It !!!

Well, we did it!  Kelsey and I went to Disney and ran the Princess 5 K with 5000 crazy folks in tiaras and tutus.  And then life went on and I never posted about running the race.  Doesn’t that happen a lot?  We have great intentions and then things happen and we never get around to …….  And then it just feels like it’s too late.  Guess what, girls? It’s never too late!   As Nike says – Just Do It!    Now, back to the race… We arrived at Epcot at 6:30 am in the freezing Florida dawn.  Huddled together with our new-found friends seeking warmth and waiting for the sun to rise.   Suddenly the stage lit up, the music began to play and thousands of gorgeous gals were dancing to the Black Eyed  Peas-  ‘I’ve got a feeling….’.  The energy was electrifying.  And my tired reluctant teenager was beaming J .