Just Do It !!!

Well, we did it!  Kelsey and I went to Disney and ran the Princess 5 K with 5000 crazy folks in tiaras and tutus.  And then life went on and I never posted about running the race.  Doesn’t that happen a lot?  We have great intentions and then things happen and we never get around to …….  And then it just feels like it’s too late.  Guess what, girls? It’s never too late!   As Nike says – Just Do It!    Now, back to the race… We arrived at Epcot at 6:30 am in the freezing Florida dawn.  Huddled together with our new-found friends seeking warmth and waiting for the sun to rise.   Suddenly the stage lit up, the music began to play and thousands of gorgeous gals were dancing to the Black Eyed  Peas-  ‘I’ve got a feeling….’.  The energy was electrifying.  And my tired reluctant teenager was beaming J .  
When the gun went off, we shuffled in place, waiting for the folks ahead to get going and then…we were off!  Through the parking lot around the back and entered Epcot somewhere around Mexico.   The flowers were gorgeous; there were Disney characters on every corner cheering us on and helpful volunteers passing out water.  I felt like such a ‘poser’!  There we were, two non-runners, actually running a race!    We were doing it- singing, laughing, encouraging others- running to the best of our ability.   Just when you wanted to stop, there was someone smiling at you to go on!  And then at the finish line, we ran through hundreds  of cheering supporters and were greeted with a medal and a photo op.  Kind of reminds me a lot of daily life, and our hope of heaven. ‘Therefore, since you are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, run the race that is before you….’  Hebrews 12:1   Here’s hoping you run your race with joy today…and smile at someone else along the way.