I Want My Mommy - Part 2

So …there you are with all of that gushing grief. A day to remember when you lost someone wonderful. My mom had been gone for exactly one year. Ugh- hard to believe. What do you do? Some choices: 1) hide under the covers until the day passes. This option doesn’t work when there are little people under 18 in the house who still expect to eat breakfast and go to church and do normal life stuff. 2) Sit around and ‘remember’. Nope – this one doesn’t’ work either (see #1) Kids are kids and they are wired to LIVE! 3) Acknowledge the day in some real way but not wallow in the sadness of it all.

This seemed like our best option. And, fitting b/c I wanted to honor Mimi and she definitely was not a wallower (is that even a word?). So we decided to embrace the drama of the day with balloons and brownies. Next stop – Dollar Store.

On the way to the cemetery we shared some favorite Mimi stories. These all seemed to involve love and laughing and sewing and the smell of yummy things baking. Yay, Mimi, for this legacy. At the cemetery we released our balloons with a little prayer. Smiley faces and hearts floated away against a brilliant Florida sky. At just that moment, the chapel clock chimed the hour – Thank you Lord for that extra bit of drama! Being June in Florida we didn’t linger – it was 97 in the shade and we were DONE!

Later at home we made a double batch of brownies. My first inclination was to drown our sorrows in brownies and milk. After a bit of thinking/praying/crying I came up with the idea to bless someone else with these bits of deliciousness. We drove to the fire station and the guys were so surprised ! They had helped us many times when Mom would fall – it seemed fitting to give back on her day. After climbing over the fire trucks and hugs all around, we headed back to the car. There around the flagpole were about 100 Monarch Butterflies – Mimi’s favorite. How cool. How like God.

Balloons - $3

Brownies - $2.75

Butterflies-  Free
Making a memory that will live on? Priceless.


Melissa Taylor said…
Oh Danita! I want my mommy too! What a beautiful tribute. And a reminder that we will miss what we've lost and it's not easy. I love how you wrote about protecting your kids, because I relate to that. We are nowhere near a year, but I understand. And you've given me inspiring ideas to celebrate Mom's zest for life in the future.

I've prayed for you tonight. I don't near understand all you've been through, but I do understand missing a mommy.

Love You,
Cheri Bunch said…
This is a great post!
Bless you!
Jess said…
Hi Danita,
I "found" you through our She Speaks Conference Call roster.
I'm also a Floridian...in the Orlando area!
I lost my Mom on April 1, 2008 and miss her greatly. Thank You for this post. I so appreciate your humor and vulnerability.
Blessings to you and your precious daughters.
Heidi said…
Danita, really beautiful post. I felt like I knew your mom and I want to hug her myself! I confess I had tears streaming by the end of part 2. What an awesome way to help your kids remember her and love on her from afar. I am quite certain she was smiling down on you!