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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Jesus in the Target dressing room

The place: Target dressing room….two nights before a family vacation.
The players: One exhausted mama, one hormonal high schooler and one hungry third-grader.
The scene: Trying to find a few key clothing items to take on the upcoming vacation.

The mood: Stress!

Stress between sisters, stress with the shopping experience, stress coupled with feelings of failure that this should have been done sooner, stress over the struggles with sizes and prices, stress of peer pressure and expectations. Not to mention the anticipation of yet another single mom trip and all the details which that entails.

I sat on the floor in the middle dressing room, a daughter on either side of me in their own rooms. Tensions were high and things were not fitting or too pricey or simply just wrong for what we needed.

Needless to say, our collective manna for the day had long since been depleted.

We really should have all been home in comfy pjs, eating soup and listening to something relaxing.

Instead I sat under the unforgiving fluorescent glare fitting room lights hoping for a fashion miracle to emerge from either side of m e.

Siblings with short fuses quickly began to take out their frustrations on each other…and then on their mama. Does that ever happen in your house? I was headed down the slippery slope of a first class mama meltdown when I heard it.