Happy New Year!

For some reason, to me the New Year always begins in the fall, instead of on January 1.  Maybe it’s all those years of ‘back to school’ newness.    Seems like a time for new beginnings…not to mention school supplies. It is ridiculous that everyone in my house gets so excited about shopping for school supplies!   The smell of a fresh box of crayolas always sends me back to Mrs Claussen’s 2nd grade. 
These days..there are tears mixed in with the excitement of a new school year. 
Slow down, I want to holler. Stop growing up so fast. 
One daughter is looking for her keys as she gets ready to drive herself to high school. Gulp.  Another daughter  is telling me thanks, but no thanks, she can put her own hair in a pony tail and really doesn’t need my help.  Sigh.
One is nervous about a new high school, new friends and just hoping to find someone to sit with in the lunchroom.  The other is returning to a safe, familiar place, excited to see old friends and hug her gorgeous familiar teacher whom she says looks like a Barbie !
After the morning rush of hugs and lunchboxes and prayers and carpool, I return home.  It’s quiet for the first time in 12 weeks.  I am alone.  

Seems like time for some New Year’s resolutions…
In the interest of keeping it simple…here are my top ten for this school year:
  1.  Be thank-full.  Yes.  Just simply thank-full.  For air conditioning and grace and flavored coffee creamer and goodnight hugs and raindrops and Jesus and phone calls and good friends and breathing and new flipflops.   For two girls and two dogs and one mama who God has molded into a little family, in spite of life.  Or maybe because of it!  Thank-full.
  2. Listen more than I talk (I see you smiling.  Yes, this is hard for me!)  Listen to my girls and get beyond ‘fine’ when asking about the school day.  Wait for the rest of the story.  Listen to friends, really listen, don’t just hear them until time to tell my news or add something relatable. 
  3. Pray.   Don’t just list my worries.  Concentrate on conversation. Take time to listen ( see, more listening!) .  Journal more consistently.  Be Still and Know Him.  Be. Still.  And.  Know.
  4. Remember how far He has brought us.   Place some intentional stones of remembrance to remind myself of His faithfulness.  8 years since Dave died.  Moving 6000 miles.  Girls growing up. Life moving on.  Great is His faithfulness. 
  5. Dream big.   What is the ‘next right thing’ for this new season of life?  Stop the roller coaster for a few minutes and take the time to find out.   Be intentional about the life’s next steps. 
  6. Exercise.   Get outside no matter what the day looks like. Push myself beyond myself.  Set goals and then reach for them (Disney Princess Half-Marathon?? Oh my!).  Lay in the grass and look up at the sky.  Breathe!
  7. Floss.  ‘Nuff said.  We all need to floss J
  8. Send more cards.  Real cards with stamps and everything.  E-mails are great, but ,oh, the glory of reaching into the mailbox and finding a hand written note of encouragement.
  9. Cook more.  There is something therapeutic about chopping and sautéing and presenting a new dish – ta da!  Ps.  Feel free to send recipes  J .  I am so not a kitchen genius.
  10. Relax.   Breathe in His peace and savor all of those moments which will never come again.  Carpool sharing of secrets and Slurpee stops.   Late night teenage talks.  Road trip songfests w/ windows down and music blaring.  Live today and then go back to #1- Be thankful for whatever it holds.   
How about you?  Do any of these resonate with you?  Do you have any ‘New (school) Year’ resolutions to share?