Hey Mama...

Hey Mama…yes, you...I’m talking to you! 
I saw what you did this year.  
Yes, girl, I saw it all,  you amazing woman! 
Every little thing you did to make everyone’s days just a little more wonderful.  All the reminders you gave and the lost stuff you found.  All the answers to all the questions.  
All the shopping and cooking and ‘driving thru’ you did to keep everyone fed.
Late night trips for cold medicine and science fair backboards and milk for breakfast.
Early morning alarms for field trips and sports practice and pictures day.
I heard the encouraging words you gave…and the ‘I told you so’s’ you chose to swallow!
I saw you there folding clothes and sweeping floors on ordinary days….
Drying tears and kissing booboos on difficult days…
I heard your whispered prayers on impossible days…
You know what?
You are an awesome mom.   It’s not easy what you do every day.
But boy, do you do it well!
This building of people is an exhilarating, exhausting business…
But you are uniquely equipped you to mother those folks around your dining room table.
And you are good at it!  
Know this:  I am proud of you.  I go before you. And I've got your back!

With so much love you can't even imagine...
Your Heavenly Father :)

Happy Mother’s Day !!