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Saturday, June 30, 2012

All for good....really ?

We were just cruising along with our Sunday.  Had a great church service in the morning.
Spent time making plans for a Women’s event on Friday night.  Enjoyed lunch at Panera with my girls.
Then…wind/rain/gail force winds as Tropical Storm Debby blew into town. 
“We’re ok”, I told my nervous kids.  “We are safe in our cozy house. Everything is fine.”  
The television screen flashed images of damage and danger throughout the area.  Tornadoes were spotted.  Trees blew over.   Roads were flooded.
Still we were safe.  Cozy in our house.  Then we heard it.  Drip. Drip. Drip. 
Safe and cozy had become leaking and vulnerable.    The living room ceiling swelled with the burden of water which had entered through tiny cracks in our stucco walls. 
Drip. Drip.  Splash.    The bucket began to fill as we grabbed beach towels and mopped puddles and scooted furniture out of the way.  Wood floors squished with water. 
We no longer felt safe and cozy. 
Water seeped under the baseboards.  More beach towels.   Grabbed the shop-vac from the garage and began the impossible task of sucking water from our hardwood floors and new area rug.
The 10 yr old sat on the shop vac to keep it from tipping.  The 17 yr old anchored the rug to keep it from moving.  And I used all my strength to pull the vac along the rug, sucking up storm water.   Family bonding at its best!  
O my!   Sigh….  Why?   Cry.