Personality Training

Danita is a certified Personality trainer with over 15 years of experience working with all ages of kids. Formerly a television reporter, she also brings classroom instructional experience ranging from pre-school teacher in Key West, Florida, to English as a Second Language instructor at the University of LaVerne in Gaeta, Italy. With a Masters Degree in Education, and certified in Personality Training through C.L.A.S.S. speaker services, Danita brings all of her relational and education experience to a series of entertaining, effective and informational sessions on the personality.

Session Titles: 
Kids/Teen session: ‘Y U R, Y U R’! (Translation for non-textors = Why You Are, Why You Are!)
Come along on a road trip across country in a red convertible, w/ four very different friends. From Samantha’s loud music and pink high tops to Mark’s travel schedule on his Blackberry, these friends look, act, dress and talk differently. They have a blast, but also quite frequently get on each other’s nerves as they travel! Join our road trip & take a fun personality test, while learning about the four basic personality types. Get valuable tools to help you understand yourself (and others) as we learn Y-U-R, Y-U-R!

Parents Session: ‘Y U R, Y U R’! – Understanding your child and why they are the way they are!
Parents will learn to decipher their child’s personality type using a short test and realize that even kids raised in the same home can be very different. Using a fun and entertaining road trip analogy similar to the teen session, parents will discover tools to help to motivate their kids to success, both in school and in family relationships and help them maximize strengths instead of wallowing in weaknesses. You will discover what your children really need from you and learn how you can avoid frustration – rolled eyes and slammed doors, anyone? - by tailoring your communication to your child’s unique personality.

General Personality Session: Wired that Way – How to Get along with almost anybody! Join the personality road trip as four very different friends make their way cross country in close quarters. Learn how to speak up and when to shut up. Find out how to engage without offending. Communicate with confidence with the tools of your personality.

Educators Session – Studies show that by discovering your personality type, you can become a more effective educator. Join four very different teachers who share a pod as they learn to work with each other without going crazy! Take a peek inside their classrooms and their purses to unpack personality clues. Take a comprehensive personality test which will equip you to embrace your strengths and go beyond wallowing in your weaknesses as an educator. Learn what motivates your students…and what motivates you! Interact with other educators in personality groups as you brainstorm and problem solve within your personality types. You are certain to come away inspired, empowered and informed!

Smarter Not Harder: Diving into the world of the personality to help unlock the keys to your child’s unique personality to help them to succeed in school. How can they learn to work with any type of teacher? What can you do to motivate them to succeed? What are the most effective consequences for their personality type? Plus, how to deal with deadlines and daily drama based on clues from their particular personality.